Librarians and educators are some of the most important individuals in a young reader’s life. They not only help to encourage a lifetime love of reading but also help young readers discover new journeys in each of the books they bring into their library.

BeaLu Books is partnered with several distribution companies, including many who have handled wholesale book purchases and distribution to schools and libraries.

We’ve worked with several local and distant facilities, including:

  • Elementary Schools
  • Middle Schools
  • High Schools
  • Privates Schools PK-12
  • School Libraries
  • Public Libraries
  • Individual Classroom/Teacher

We also recognize the importance of getting the most out of your budget with wholesale pricing and tax-free orders.

To place a large order for your school, classroom, or library, contact BeaLu Books Publishing at (813) 591-0255,, or fill out the online form to the side and we’ll arrange a custom order for any of our current books or coming soon book selections.

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