Why I Love Children’s Books and Why You Should Love Them Too!

During Children’s Book Week, we asked people to share a list of the Top 10 Children’s Books they love (lists to come). What fun it was to read the lists. The lists reminded us of some old favorites and introduced us to some new soon-to-be favorites. It also made me reminisce about books I love. There is nothing I love more than children’s books (except for my family and dogs, maybe). If you drop me in a bookstore, I will gravitate toward the children’s section. Especially the picture books. I think this comes from being a kindergarten teacher for many years. Picture books teach us[…]read more

ONE CHANCE – New Middle Grade Fiction

A favorite part of teen-author Sarah Frank’s Author Visits is when she reads from her new middle grade fiction book, ONE CHANCE. Today, Sarah is reading to the students at Westchase Elementary school. Sarah’s reading from the beginning of the book where we are just getting to know Sandy and Brian. Listen as Sandy questions whether time travel is possible! To learn more about ONE CHANCE, click here. To watch other videos from BeaLu Books visit our YouTube Channel. If you would like to have Sarah come to your school, contact us. We are currently making tentative reservations for the 2018-19 school year. Two Secrets, Book Two, of the One[…]read more
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Sarah Frank

Sarah Frank  Sarah Frank is a 15-year-old author, poet, and basketball player from Tampa, Florida. She attends Howard W. Blake High School of the Arts, where she studies creative writing and journalism. One Chance, Sarah’s first novel, was originally handwritten in a red notebook while she was in the fifth grade. Besides reading books and catching up on her favorite shows such as Shark Tank, Sarah spends two weeks each summer at the University of South Florida attending the ICE Writers Camp sponsored by the Tampa Bay Area Writing Project (TBAWP), a chapter of the National Writing Project. In addition to One Chance, Sarah has[…]read more