What Really Happened In Elementary School

What Really Happened In Elementary School


by Sarah Frank


What REALLY goes on in elementary school? Crazy teachers, what IS that in lost and found, the horror of picture day, scissors and glue, being late, tired of tuna, the school talent show… Enjoy the hilarity and zaniness of this crazy school through fifth-grade author Sarah Frank’s witty and whimsical short poems! Perfect for reading aloud or as a gift to a favorite teacher.

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Sarah Frank is a 15-year-old author and poet from Tampa, Florida. In addition to What Really Happened in Elementary School! Super Silly Poems Scribbled in a Notebook, Sarah recently published her first novel, One Chance.

This super silly collection of poems was written by Sarah when she was in the fifth grade. It captures all the mischief and mayhem of elementary school days. Many of the funny and silly poems deal with minor annoyances in school, like the water fountain not working, trying to cut with scissors, and teachers that are, well, different.Poem titles include: Z Final Poem, Abigail Cleaton, Origin in Ms. Cal’s Class, Homework Stew, I’ve Lost my Book, Tomorrow is Friday the 13th, The Water Fountain, Ants in the Cafeteria, Notes, Lost and Found, I’m Tired of Tuna, Tape, Trash bin, Little brother Mo, Mr Look Good LaGoo, Singing Show, Amanda’s Allergy, Smart Mr. Sleech, My Teacher (Part 1), My Teacher (Part 2), My Teacher (Part 3), Mr. O’Mate, Sharpening, The Talent Show, Scissors, Nathan Ripped his Jacket, Too Late, Wake up Call.