One Chance (PAPERBACK)

One Chance (PAPERBACK)


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by Sarah Frank

In book one of the One Chance Series, join the gang as they discover the power of the Stone of Discedo and journey back in time to Ford’s Theatre, the Titanic, and Pearl Harbor as part of their quest to find out why Sandy’s parents abandoned her.

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Award-winning author Sarah Frank is a 15-year-old author and poet from Tampa, Florida. Besides One Chance, Sarah has published a book of poems titled, What Really Happened in Elementary School! Super Silly Poems Scribbled in a Notebook and is currently working to release book two of the One Chance series in 2019.

If You Had One Chance To Change Everything… Would You Take It?

Being an orphan is tough and not knowing why makes it that much harder for Sandy. But now she’s being sent to a new orphanage and middle school and needs to look forward not back. Before moving, Sandy meets Brian at school, and he reveals the existence of the magical Stone of Discedo that allows whoever has it to time travel. Maybe this is her one chance to go back in time and find out what happened to her parents. However, the stone has its own history and its own rules. Twelve years ago, it was stolen from a lab in Germany, and many people want control of its magical powers. Suddenly, Sandy, Brian, and the other orphans are thrust into a world of threatening notes, robbery, and murder. Will they be able to follow the stone’s rules to go back in time and change history, so Sandy can have her one chance to find out what happened to her parents? Or will the stone fall into the wrong hands again?

This exciting action and adventure packed novel is a favorite among pre-teen and teen readers.

  • FAPA President’s Award for Juvenile Fiction Silver
  • Best Book Awards Pre-Teen Finalist
  • Hollywood Book Festival Children’s Honorable Mention