Micah the Mighty Marathoner

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by Mackenzie Snell


In many ways, Micah is a typical second grader who likes to do typical second-grade stuff. He loves to play, go to school, and of course, spend time with his friends. However, Micah connects with the world a little differently than other second graders. His connection happens from his wheelchair, and his voice is amplified through technology. Written by his sister, Micah’s story is one about love, persistence, and LOTS of miles!

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    Micah has been rolling in marathons since he was two years old. As Micah’s parents, our goal with Micah’s Miles is to build a community around our him and inspire others through his amazing spirit. For each marathon, Micah partners with a cause that’s making a difference, raising money for partner charitable organizations.  Micah’s Miles is about sharing an inclusive message focused on persistence and making a difference for others through the book, Micah the Mighty Marathoner, and presentations.

    Mackenzie Snell, Micah’s sister, and author of Micah the Might Marathoner is currently a student at Camas High School in Camas, Washington. In addition to keeping up with Micah, Mackenzie competes in science competitions with her magnet program, mentors children through the community education program, plays competitive soccer, and is the best big sister to Micah. Mackenzie loves to help children with disabilities, which is one of the many reasons she feels fortunate to have a brother like Micah. One day, Mackenzie hopes to become a doctor so she can continue to help people.

    Micah, Mackenzie, and their mother, Suzie, have been doing school presentations focused on perseverance, using the book Micah the Mighty Marathoner as a framework.  Presentations can be done for all school assemblies or smaller groups in 30 – 45 minutes. For more information email GoMicahsMiles@gmail.com.

    To learn more about Micah and his family, visit www.MicahsMiles.org

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    Micah’s Miles is a Section 501(c)(3). Donors can deduct contributions they make to Micah’s Miles under IRC Section 170.

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