Positive Ink! Life in the Middle

What is Positive Ink! Life in the Middle?

It’s a new book/journal featuring teens and tweens writing and artwork about life in the middle grades. 😉 🙄 It’s stories, poems, self-portraits, etc. created by you and for you. It’s a book to let you know you’re not the only one whose life isn’t always a sugarcoated Snapchat story. It’s a book about the shared struggles and victories of teen and tween life.

What do you mean by struggles and victories?

The good and bad of friendships, family pressure, dealing with disappointment, parents, teachers, new schools, finding success on something that is really hard for you, the good and bad of social media, speaking out, the ups and downs of social life, being in a group, peer pressure, fears and worries, being bullied and standing up to bullies, speaking-up, music, sports, theater, art, academics, preparing for college, being comfortable with yourself, relationships, things that make you happy, etc.

My writing and artwork aren’t very good, so you wouldn’t put my stuff in the book. Right?

Nope! Your voice matters. 😆 There is a kid out who will have a better day/life when they see themselves in your writing or artwork.

Will my name be on my work?

It’s up to you. If you want your name included, it will be. If you don’t, it won’t be.

Does my teacher have to approve it?

No. This is not for school. You submit your work on your own directly to us.

When and how do I turn in my writing or artwork?

All the information that you need to submit your work and some ideas to get you thinking are provided below.  💡

Artwork Submission Guidelines and Form

Artwork Submission Guidelines and Form What is it like to be a teen? How do you see yourself? Share a self-portrait or other work of art so teens and tweens can see themselves in you and know they aren’t the only one battling their way through the crazy ups and downs of life in the […]

Writing Submission Guidelines and Form

Writing Submission Guidelines and Form Teen life is a lyrical battle of joy, pain, and laughter. Other teens and tweens need to hear your voice, so they know they are not the only one navigating their way through the struggles and victories of life in the middle. For this project, we are accepting all genres […]