Writer’s block is inevitable, it happens to the best of us. You are sitting there trying to come up with new ideas but it seems there is no creative bone left in your body. I bet you have tried pouring yourself a drink or two—or perhaps you rely on coffee—or took a nap in the hope that as you wake up, you will have some inspiration. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

Writer’s block has possible causes—it’s either fear that your ideas would be criticized, procrastination because of the stress of writing something unique, or it’s because you want everything to be just perfect before you even put it on paper.

Whatever is causing your writer’s block, you can conquer it, my friend. However, that can only happen if you unlock the trapped creativity within you. You don’t need to be a genius for that though. Perhaps these exercises can help you break-free and start writing again:

  • Eliminate all distractions

Unplug the internet, turn off your phone, and clean your workspace to stay focused. You need to give yourself some time and space to focus on writing.

  • Start writing in the morning

Early morning is the right time to put your thoughts on paper. As you wake up, your brain is still in the Theta mode. You will be amazed by the type of ideas your mind comes up with while you are half asleep.

  • Look for ideas

This might sound controversial but it will prove to be a good start for getting an idea. Visit your nearest coffee shop or grocery store and eavesdrop on a conversation. Go home and write an imaginary ending to that conversation. As you start writing, you will get somewhere soon.

  • Read the newspaper

Newspapers are full of interesting stories. Pick one and give it a read. Once you are halfway through it, write the rest of it. You can give it a happy ending or a sad ending. Add pieces you think will make it better.

  • Write your autobiography

This autobiography can be something personal and it is totally fine to keep it to yourself. The goal is to provoke feelings. So start writing your favorite childhood memories or experiences that made you sad.

  • Write a recap of your day

Consider it a simple exercise that has no goals or agenda. As you start writing, you will start thinking again and the right side of your brain will activate automatically. A writer’s block is never a permanent state, it is just an obstacle you can certainly overcome.

You can defeat it!!

As long as you stay positive, you can conquer anything. So, stand up to your writer’s block the way you would stand up to a bully. Whether it is fear, perfection, or procrastination that is causing this, you can overcome it.