Do you see it? That light at the end of the tunnel. Do you daydream about warm, summer days? Catching up on your to-be-read list? Or maybe taking some professional classes to learn new strategies?

I can completely relate to how stressful teaching is. By spring a lot of teachers (and students) were zombies roaming the hallways. But there were still standardized tests that needed to be administered, at least at my school! All this stress on teachers more often than not, leads to burnout. What is burnout? It’s when you lose your drive. You lose your passion for teaching. You become unexceptional. You lose your personality, sense of humor, and approachability. Burnout is something I feared the most when teaching. No one expects it but there are ways to prevent it.

Dr. Donna Wilson and Marcus Conyers, authors of Positively Smarter, suggest incorporating five positive strategies into your life. These include positive self-talk, becoming more resilient, identifying priorities into manageable pieces, embracing the little moments that bring you joy, and stop focusing on all the problems. You can read more about the strategies in Edutopia’s Teacher Wellness post.

What are some ways you stay positive in work or in life? Share your ideas, strategies or stories with us.