You Decide the Topics!

A page from the book, Moms, written and illustrated by Rebecca in kindergarten. Wow! What a week. THANKS to everyone who has checked out our website, signed up for our blogs, followed us on social media, or emailed us. We are excited to be connecting with you. Today, I’m spending some time with a group of second graders, and one thing we’re doing is brainstorming topics for the Kid 2 Kid (K2K) leveled reader collection. It got me thinking, I should ask YOU to brainstorm topics, too. But first, a little background on K2K so you know what direction to take. K2K is a collection that we’re[…]read more

And So It Begins

After much planning, writing, designing and then revising it all a few times, our website is LIVE! Now you can keep up with what’s happening at BeaLu Books right here by reading our blogs, The Latest Woof and BeaLu’s Dish. Right now you’re reading The Latest Woof. This blog tells you the inside scoop on our books, introduces you to our authors, illustrators and advisory board, and keeps you up-to-date on all that’s happening at BeaLu Books. Our other blog, BeaLu’s Dish, is all about current topics in education, information for parents, and even some fun seasonal activities. In addition to sharing information on books,[…]read more

Goal Setting in 2016

It’s a new year! That means a fresh start for many people. A chance to start a new adventure. A chance for a change. A chance at something new. That’s exactly what it means at BeaLu Books. This is a dream becoming a reality and we are so happy you want to be a part of our journey. We have made great strides from our ideas and vision on paper. Everything is a process. We understand that success not only comes from hard work but also focus, goals, sacrifice, risk, and even failure. At BeauLu Books we have experienced many of these and are still[…]read more