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Valentine’s Day Celebrations and Lessons in the Classroom

Happy Valentine’s Day! I have many memories of Valentine’s Days in my classroom. I Loved how the room became one giant Valentine littered with glitter, glue, doilies, and construction paper. I loved reading favorite books, some that I couldn’t get through without a sniffle or two. There was Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch by Eileen […]

ONE CHANCE – New Middle Grade Fiction

Teen-author Sarah Frank reads from her new middle grade fiction book, ONE CHANCE, during her recent author visit at Westchase Elementary School. Listen as Sandy questions whether time travel is possible! To learn more about ONE CHANCE, click here. To watch other videos from BeaLu Books visit our YouTube Channel.  

Meet the Author

Sarah Frank  Sarah Frank is a 15-year-old author, poet, and basketball player from Tampa, Florida. She attends Howard W. Blake High School of the Arts, where she studies creative writing and journalism. One Chance, Sarah’s first novel, was originally handwritten in a red notebook while she was in the fifth grade. Besides reading books and […]

ReadingCon 2017

Thanks to Follett and STEMRead for putting together the inaugural #ReadingCon day conference. It was a conference with a twist where authors paired with educators in a smaller setting than most conferences. I was lucky enough to be invited to be a moderator for two sessions. Making Connections: Teaching Social and Emotional Topics with Literature Authors: […]


 The intent of this three-part blog series is to share with you six simple changes I made to increase engagement and better meet the needs of boy writers.  “How can I get the boys in my class more interested and engaged in writing?” That was the question I was most often asked while working as […]

Burnt Out? Stay Positive

Do you see it? That light at the end of the tunnel. Do you daydream about warm, summer days? Catching up on your to-be-read list? Or maybe taking some professional classes to learn new strategies? I can completely relate to how stressful teaching is. By spring a lot of teachers (and students) were zombies roaming […]

Are You Using Multicultural Books in Your Classroom?

                     There can never be enough multicultural books in any classroom or library. Showcasing books around the many different cultures in the U.S. and world allows students, young and old, to understand people who are different from them. This understanding turns into acceptance and tolerance, which is what we should […]

A Healing Journal, BeaLu Book’s First “Give Back Project”

In starting BeaLu Books, something that was important to me was to find ways to use our talents and connections to give back. One way we are doing this is with a Give Back Project. Each year, BLB will publish a project that focuses on an issue or a cause. Part of the proceeds from […]

Novels for Helping Middle Schoolers Navigate Life

Even though #iLOVEmg and truly believe it’s the best group of students to educate, it does have its obstacles. In middle school I find the biggest challenge to be the social and emotional components. At this age kids are strolling down the wonderful path of puberty. With this, whether it’s a boy or girl comes […]