BeaLu Books is an indie children’s book publisher. We are comprised of readers, writers, artists, teachers, learners, and dog lovers of all ages. We believe in the power of literacy to bring positive changes to the lives of children in our communities and the world. Our mission is to contribute to the power of literacy through the support and encouragement of our authors while taking the time to work within our community to encourage readers and potential authors of all ages.

Creating engaging books that connect with, support, and challenge readers at all levels is what keeps us awake at night—in a good way. Read on to see what’s been keeping us up lately!

Our History


BeaLu Book’s publishing story begins with One Chance, a middle grade fiction book. This action adventure is written by 15-year-old author Sarah Frank. Sarah started writing One Chance when she was in fifth grade, and we are beyond excited that it’s ready for you and to have been part of her publishing adventure.

Our story continues with AHA! Readers in Fall of 2018. This compilation of short stories written by educators who took part in the AHA! Writers Institute. This advanced writing institute is a collaboration between the Tampa Bay Area Writing Project (TBAWP) and BeaLu Books. We will hold the second AHA! Writers Institute in July 2019. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or check back for more details in the coming months!

The next stop in our journey is assisting proud sister and aspiring author Mackenzie Snell to publish her first book about her younger brother in Micah The Mighty Marathoner. All book sales go towards supporting

BeaLu Books is also a proud sponsor of Positive Ink! Life in the Middle—a new project that’s a mash-up of a journal and anthology. If you are interested in being a part of this project, let us know by completing the Contact Form.

As our own story unfolds and our publisher’s journey continues, we will be adding story journals, picture books, chapter books, and much more to our repertoire. One thing about us that will always remain the same: our books will come from the readers, writers, artists, teachers, and learners in our communities and schools—and from YOU!

BeaLu Books Services

Publishing Services: BeaLu Books publishes books written by authors of all ages and specializes in developing young authors, who are often dismissed in the publishing industry as “too young.” Here at BeaLu Books, we believe that creativity to write beautiful, insightful, fun, scary, or inspiring stories can happen at any age, and wish to encourage the passion often found in young authors.

Community Collaborations: As you can read from the above, we take great joy in actively participating within our communities and supporting young, aspiring authors as well as encouraging authors of any age to follow their dreams. Check out the organizations we love on Community Collaborations or stop by Events & Info page for upcoming events, announcements, writing tips and advice, and more!

Our Bookstore: Every book we publish will be available for individual and wholesale purchasing. For libraries, schools, and retail booksellers, we organize large orders and printing with our publishing partners to successfully fulfill your orders.

Author Signings & Meet and Greets: Contact us at (813)591-0255 or fill out our online contact form to the side to request time with our authors (schedule permitting).