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You Decide the Topics!


A page from the book, Moms, written and illustrated by Rebecca in kindergarten.

Wow! What a week. THANKS to everyone who has checked out our website, signed up for our blogs, followed us on social media, or emailed us. We are excited to be connecting with you.

Today, I’m spending some time with a group of second graders, and one thing we’re doing is brainstorming topics for the Kid 2 Kid (K2K) leveled reader collection. It got me thinking, I should ask YOU to brainstorm topics, too.

But first, a little background on K2K so you know what direction to take. K2K is a collection that we’re really excited to bring to life at BeaLu Books. The collection is based on a belief that I found so powerful when I was teaching emergent and early readers, and that is:

If I can think it, I can say it.

If I can say it, I can write it.

If I can write it, I can read it.

The favorite books in my classroom were always books that we made together. Whether it was a retelling or an original story, the class-made books were always the first picked off the shelf.

With the K2K collection we’re bringing the same concept to leveled readers through a collaboration of writers, illustrators, graphic designers, and most importantly KIDS. We want to produce a collection of books that kids will pick out of the basket to read and think “I can read this. It looks like something I did.”

So now it’s your turn. As you’re brainstorming topics, keep in mind the following things:

  • Reading level of the books: Grades K/1
  • Topics: The topics need to be relatable to diverse student populations. Universal childhood themes work better than regional topics.
  • Student Illustrators: The kids working on the project are fourth and fifth graders with no special gift toward art.
  • Length of the books: The books are short! 16 pages, 100-300 words

Send us your topic suggestions by commenting on this post or by emailing me at

Looking forward to hearing your ideas!